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Other than joining us on a programme as an individual or through your company, you can support us in other ways:

  • Invest in one of our mini projects

    If you are interested to invest in a mini project or to help raise funds, do contact us at for more details.

  • Give a Little Gift

    The animals we work with in the zoo always require a large amount of behavioural and environmental enrichment activities. The work includes stimulating natural behaviour, reducing boredom and stereotyping, improving enclosure and night den surroundings among other things.

    Due to the amount of work and enrichment activities carried out by APE Malaysia participants, tools and equipment as well as materials and ingredients are constantly required. As every little penny counts, here is an example of how 1 £ could benefit the animals at the Ape Centre : 
    1 £ = MYR 4.90 = 1 large watermelon = enrichment for 11 orangutans & 8 chimpanzees.

    Every item sponsored will be duly acknowledged with an official letter of thanks from APE Malaysia. Contributors are welcomed to the respective zoos to see their items in use.

    To contribute or sponsor an item, please contact or email